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Making a new game!

2011-09-08 06:16:16 by kingjbc

I am making a Unity game called PROJECT Z!

Account Reboot!

2011-08-12 03:32:11 by kingjbc

I have decided to try my hand at Flash Games again.!

New game in development.

2010-11-29 20:06:47 by kingjbc

We are currently developing a new game and need more members. Detail are here!

Recruiting more members!

2010-10-30 17:53:26 by kingjbc

We are starting a new series and we are looking to recruit some more people. If you want to apply for a role make sure YOU CHECK that that role has avaliable spaces. Then if it does post a comment on this post or send me a PM saying what you apply for and show me some of your work.


Animator - 1 space avaliable.
Artist - 1 space avaliable.
Writer - No spaces avaliable.
Programmer - No spaces avaliable.

Also check out our

We are looking for a writer!

2010-10-29 20:16:40 by kingjbc

We are going to start developing our new series soon, and we are looking for a writer who could produce a good fanasty story with revoles around fighting with Medieval/Feudal Japanese weapons. If you are interested send me a message or a comment on this post.

Also here is our website if you want to look at it -

New Website!

2010-10-29 06:38:31 by kingjbc

We have got our new website up now! We are currently using the .wix sub-domain but we are going to buy a domain name soon. Here's the link -